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PostSubject: EXCITE BOTS TRICK RACING: GUIDE SCHOOL CUP PART 1   Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:25 pm

Mode: Excite

Cup: School Cup

Course: Mexico

Total needed: 125 Stars

Ok so this is your first track its not gonna be so hard so lets get started
Btw I dont care what bot you choose just have one that fits your style

Ok so you start of start your turbo get the question mark to shape shift the land and turbo jump off the ramp to grab a 5 star circle then you have just enough time for 1-3 spins to grab some extra stars. Next you make a right turn i suggest you drift a bit so you can grab a star or two. Now it's a straight pathway with a question mark grab it to reveal present boxes. In these boxes are items to use to your advantage. Now its a pathway to the red bar, mind your boost so you dont overheat. Your bot grabs on to the bar automaticly so dont be worried. During the red bar just spin your wii remote or wheel in the time with your bot. Its hard at first but you'll get the hang of it. After depending how well you did you get sent flying into the air and see 3 star choices in the center is a 1 star, to the left a 5 star, and to the right a 5 star. I recommend you go in the middle of a 1 star coin and a 5 star coin so your bots gravity will grab both orbits and combine for 6 stars. Next make a right turn and you have another shape shifter question mark this makes another hill for you to turbo jump off. Next your in a rocky region some of these rocks slope a bit so you can turbo jump them for a bit of stars but that will put you behind in the race. Also theres a river to the side to cool off your turbo while racing but dont go into the deep end or you'll crash. After your past this make a right to the finish line and rinse and repeat. Thus concludes part 1 of the school cup.

I will continue this guide if i get a few positive replies and a decent amount of views because why would i make this if nobodys going to read it.

I will not be covering the training you can do that yourself.

I may do an item guide.

Stay tuned! Hopefully i get enough feedback to start on race to of the School Cup Fij
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