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 Pokemon Pokerus Guide

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PostSubject: Pokemon Pokerus Guide   Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:50 am

Here is a short guide on what the pokemon diesese Pokerus is and how it helps your pokemon.

Pokerus - A benifical virus that makes you pokemon progress faster.

What might that mean? Well, it has to do with Evs. If you dont know what they are, look it up. So Pokerus helps with Ev training. How you may ask? Well, it works just like a Macho Brace. It doubles the amout of Ev's you get. So you fight a Bidoof. 1 Hp Ev. With Pokerus, that's 2 Hp evs. And with a Macho Brace, that's 4 Hp Ev's. So, now that we know what it is, how do we get it?

Getting Pokerus can be very difficult if you cant get it from a friend or a hacking device. On Seribi, they say it's more rare to get Pokerus then to get a shiny pokemon. Dont let that bring you down, as it will not take long to get. Pokerus it found on wild pokemon. There are tow ways to extract the Pokerus.

1. Hit it with a Physical CONTACT move like Comet Punch or Waterfall. Earthquake doesn't work, as it does not make Phyical contact.

2. Catch the pokemon. This is not recommended, as it is a waste or money and pokeballs. And time.

If you get it in an hour, great. If you dont, keep trying! It's a rare diesese.


Q: Will Pokerus double the evs gotten from Power Items?

A: Yes. So if you have the Power Weight and fight a Bidoof, thats 5 Hp Evs. With Pokerus, you get 10 Hp Evs.

Q: Can Pokerus spread?

A: Yes it can. Some people cant manage to do it, but it's very easy. Just get into a wild battle, run (Or battle the pokemon), and check the second pokemon in your slot. It could have pokerus. If not, keep trying.

Q: Can Pokerus go away?

A: Yes it can. It lasts for about 3 days. If a pokemon who had Pokerus has a Smile near it's picture, that means Pokerus is gone. It still has the benifical factor, but it just cant be spread.

Q: Is there any way to prevent Pokerus from going away?

A: Yes. Put the pokemon in storage and it will not go away. Only when it's in your party that it can disapear.

Q: What's Ev training?

A: Kind of off topic, but go look it up! It's not hard to learn.

Q: Does this affect my Ivs?

A: No.
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Pokemon Pokerus Guide
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