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 Darkness Eternal

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PostSubject: Darkness Eternal   Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:12 am

Alright. This is the story that convinced my english teacher to allow me to take AP next year. I'm really proud of it, and I decided I would go ahead and post it here. There is no second part, so feel free to just post respones here.

“Be stalwart, boy!” a masculine voice commanded. Startled, I looked around, my lassitude mitigated by the abrupt awakening. I peered into the looming darkness and saw nothing.

“Of course,” I thought to myself, “that’s kind of the point of it being pitch black.” Yet, in a way, I thought the conforming darkness was austere in nature. It was so very plain, so very basic. In its own way, the darkness was a form of consistency. It would always be there when lights went out.

That’s when something caught my eye. A small glimpse, a flicker, of white in the abyss. It lasted only a half-second, yet it mesmerized me. I stared in the spot I, at least thought, saw it. But when what felt like a minute went by, I decided it was an inconsequential figment of my imagination.

I rose from my bed, my feet feeling their way into my slippers the way they systematically did, and headed in the direction of my door. The wooden floor made its usual squeaks, desecrating the splendor of the silence. Yet, when I had traveled to the edge of my room I couldn’t find the door. I couldn’t find the wall. I quickened the tempo of my step, slightly starting to panic. I had walked through my room countless times before in the dark, and had memorized the number of steps to almost any place from any location within my abode.

It was eight steps from my bed to the door. I was sure of it. Yet, as I continued counting my steps, logic stopped making sense. I was on thirty-four. Lost in the recesses of my mind, I didn’t even notice when the constant squeaks of the floor stopped playing their melodic song.

I turned around; thinking maybe this one time my sense of direction had become disconcerted in the darkness and I was walking in circles. But I was certain that wasn’t the biggest problem I had once I was that something had been following me.

Five feet behind me, two large, grandiose eyes peered right at me. The pupil, surrounded by a pale grey color followed my every move punctiliously. The eyes were easily two feet wide, each. They just floated there, radiating in the eternal darkness; yet instead of finding them glorious, I found them redoubtable. No horror film could compare to the intensity of the fear I felt. Never had I felt more vulnerable.

I took a step back. The eyes moved closer. One more step. Once more move. The voice from before chimed into my head. “Be stalwart, boy!”

“No,” I answered to the phantom. I spun around and took off in a frenzied sprint. Even though I couldn’t see them, I knew the eyes would still be right behind me, regardless of my pace. I threw a quick glance back, and a chill swept through me. The eyes were gaining on me in its sedulous pursuit, and worse, they had a new companion. A mouth, lipless, filled with razor-sharp teeth smiling in a heinous fashion. I ran harder, fearful of what would happen if they caught me.

Suddenly, in my efforts to outrun the specters, I stopped focusing on how my feet needed to move and tripped. My hands instinctively flew in front of me, and I braced myself for the brusque impact. But I never collided with the ground. I continued to fall, fall, fall into the dark abyss.

In my descent I ended up turning such that I fell with my back towards the ground, or whatever lied in the eternal night. Finally opening my eyes, I wished I hadn’t immediately. For there, just two feet from me were the piercing eyes and the razor-sharp teeth. Despite my considerable rate of descent, they were still getting closer. Closer they came, and the teeth opened to reveal its intention; I was to be its prey.

Once it came within striking distance I batted my fists and kicked my legs to no avail. They seemed impervious to my assault. A cold sweat broke out over my entire body as the teeth rounded themselves around me. The top row of teeth stopped and rested comfortably over my chest, over my heart. It didn’t bite down immediately, as if you take a moment of satisfaction for catching me. I stared into the eyes, pleading for my life. They stared back, merciless, and with one quick glare the teeth came crashing down.

I awoke screaming. My face was lined in sweat, my heart racing. I stared out my window. Morning had come, the sun just starting to appear in the horizon. “It was a dream,” I announced to myself, as if by saying it aloud it would convince me. I felt my hands along where the teeth had bitten through, and froze in panic. For while it was faint, there was no denying its existence. A faded pink scar lined my chest crossing right over my heart.
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Darkness Eternal
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