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 Gear Town Deck

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PostSubject: Gear Town Deck   Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:27 pm

my fun deck that I made.
Tell me what you think about it

Ancient Gear Gadjitron Dragon x3
Ancient gear Golem x2
Gorz the emissary of darkness
cyber dragon
ancient gear knight x3
breaker the magical warrior
psychic commander
blackwing gale of the whirlwind
king of the swamp x2
cyber valley x3

Geartown x3
upstart goblin x3
future fusion
machine duplication
emergency teleport
black garden x2
brain control
heavy storm
polymerization x2
mystical spce typhoon

threating roar x2
torrential tribute
reckless greed x2
solemn judgment x2

extra deck:(13)
ultimate ancient gear golem x3
cyber twin dragon
superalloy beast raptinus x2
red dragon archfiend
blackwing armor master
stardust dragon x2
black rose dragon
gaia knight the force of the earth x2

side deck:(15)
ancient gear golem
light and darkness dragon
monster reborn
smashing ground
mausoleum of the emperor
book of moon x2
magical stone excavation
compulsory evacuation device x3

my video on youtube

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PostSubject: Re: Gear Town Deck   Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:09 am

The deck sounds like if could work but i think you'll often suffer a shortage of monsters with an unlucky draw.
Also I can't really approve Upstart Goblin and Reckless Greed though i know there are no much better ways to draw more cards (at least in ancient gear decks).
I think i'd replace those by some other usefull cards.

Remember that Solemn Jugement became limited to 1.
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Gear Town Deck
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