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 A guide to IVs

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PostSubject: A guide to IVs   Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:53 pm


Most people have at the very least a vague idea of what EVs are, invisible values given by specific Pokemons, which raise an specific stat by 1 for every 4 EVs of the same type. So, if your Ursaring fights 4 Magikarps, once he reaches level 100, he will have a Speed 1 point higher than usual, since Magikarp gives 1 EV on Speed.

Now, let say your Ursaring was trained to have the maximum amount of possible EVs in speed and a +Speed Nature. Normally, you´d assume he would, at the very least, tie with another Ursaring trained the same way and with the same nature, yet you go last 6 or 7 times in a row. Although this would be possible in a speed tie, the chances of that happening are ridiculously small, you might wonder, "and how is it possible that that Ursaring is faster than mine?". The answer is simple: IVs

What are IVs?

IVs, short for Individual Values are another invisible value assigned to a Pokemon as soon as said Pokemon is bred/caught. IVs can vary between 0 and 31, 0 being the absolute worst and 31 the absolute best. Unlike EVs, IVs cant be changed through hard work or training. The only possible way to alter ANY Pokemon´s IV is by hacking. Why is this? Because, unlike EV, IVs are assigned by the game at the very moment a Pokemon is captured/bred, or, in certain cases, such as in roaming Pokemons, when created. This means that if you want to get the fastest Ursaring out there, you would need 252 Speed EVs, a +Speed Nature and a Speed IV value of 31.

How to get perfect IVs

Now, you might think, "Oh, well, if thats so simple, I´ll just go get a Ursaring with 31 IVs and problem solved". Well, the thing is, getting 31 IVs on one stat is not that simple. A common mistake made by many of us is to think a wild Pokemon is all you need to win battles. This is false. Bred Pokemons generally have better IVs. Lets say, once again, that you want your Ursaring to have 31 Speed IVs, what would you do? The wisest thing to do would be start breeding chain.

A breeding chain is, as its name implies, breeding Pokemon through Pokemon until you get what you want. Lets say, for example, that you want an Ursaring to have a Speed, Attack, Defense and Special Defense all of 31. The first thing to do would be getting 2 compatible parents with as many good IVs as possible.

So, after all your hard work, you managed to get your hands on 2 Teddiursas with nice IVs, now, what will you do?. Getting them to the day care couple is the wisest thing to do. Once they are there, just start cylcing until you see the Daycare man has an egg, take it and cycle until it hatches. Get as many eggs as possible and hatch them. Then, level up the pokemons to a decent level (Lv 25 usually gives good raw estimations) and look for the best. If any of them is better than any of the parents when it comes to IVs, replace and release the rest. Continue until you get a offspring with 31 IVs on one of those stats and replace it with the worst parent. Continue breeding until you get an offspring with 31 Ivs on 2 or more of the stats you wanted and continue this loop unti you get the desired Pokemon or one close enough to what you want

IVs calculators
IVs calculators and PC tools which, based on the Pokemon´s Base Stats, EVs, Nature and Stats on their current level give you a estimate on what the Pokemon IVs are. Note that the only way to get 100% accuarate IV results is by using the calculator while the Pokemon is at Lv100

A really good IV calculator can be found here

IV Battles

Thanks to the introduction of Wifi on Pokemon D/P/P, it is now possible to calculate accuarately the IVs of a Pokemon practically inmediatly after the hatch. To do this, 2 people go into a Wifi Battle, Lv100 and write down the Pokemon stats. They only need to get them into a good IV calculator and they will get their exact IVS


For information about Hidden Power and how it is related to IVs, click here
For more detailed information on how to breed, click here

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PostSubject: Re: A guide to IVs   Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:37 pm

nice guide :D i can actually understand it unlike another one on a different forums xP
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PostSubject: Re: A guide to IVs   Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:04 pm

Ah I see now. IV'ing seems to be much more difficult then training a Pokémon for Effor Values.
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PostSubject: Re: A guide to IVs   

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A guide to IVs
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