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 Tales of Symphonia 1&2(best series ever)

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PostSubject: Tales of Symphonia 1&2(best series ever)   Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:35 am

if you need any advice on bosses side quests or anything else ask me and i will help

Lloyd vs. Emil
Who do you say would win
(emil FTW)
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PostSubject: Re:Tales of Symphonia 1&2(best series ever)   Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:01 am

Holly crap another ToS fan XD
Easiest way to beat Kratos.VS.Lloyd(Father and Son SPOILER)
Psi Tempest/Omega Tempest/Any Tempest really watch is Hp go down and I always have 5 minute battle with it.Always works Very Happy
How pwn Final Boss(Yggdraill Forme 1):
Colette watch her Pow Pow Hammer,Judgment,Pow Hammer,Hammer Rain,etc make Yggdraill die >:3
How to beat Regal:
First of all-You need Genis the most do not use Raine!She dies like that.It was quite easy with this team: Player:Sheena,Genis,Lloyd,and Colette works every time.
How to level up:
Okay go in the whatever Tower and fight angels and stuff.You can level up fast if you do since they are always so many.
How to get so much Gald:
Go in the temple of earth quick way beat dragon(Note:Without Sheena this will not work!) and you get 10000 gald sweet eh?
How to Rebuilt Luin:
Do not sale all of your money the first time you talk to him,the town does not change.Go little money bigger and bigger remember to always leave Luin and come back when you donate Very Happy
Have any more Qs about ToS1&ToS2 Pm me
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Tales of Symphonia 1&2(best series ever)
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