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 random poetry

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PostSubject: random poetry   Fri May 08, 2009 4:43 pm

Old poems from way back in December. Your opinion on them?

"Fiercest of the Innocent"

Snow isn't always what it seems
A symbol of softness isn't so nice
Have you seen it tear sanity apart at the seams?
It freezes without mercy

Paired inseperably with the ice
Snow isn't always what it seems
Instead a symbol of destruction
A cold heart coated by a white facade

The snow is just like a set of fierce jaws
Ice knives as serrated teeth
A dorsal fin and stream-lined body
Thrashing about its mighty tail

The snow and ice are no less than
A tyrannic shark that
Lashes out and bites voraciously
Snow isn't always what it seems.

"Ice or Fire"

Glass hearts somberly beat
Sharp teeth eating away
The ice wants to betray
Snow piles up in a deceitful sheet
Innocently as I walk down the street.
The duo attacks the naive to my dismay
What a facade they can display.
How are we fooled to think they are so sweet?
But more like fire the snow and ice act.
More subtle is their flame
Is it the child-like image they use to attract?
Easy to see fire is less tame,
When it strikes we have no time to react.
What fools we became.
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random poetry
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