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 sonic unleashed review

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PostSubject: sonic unleashed review   Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:32 am

ok sonic unleashed is a game with wierd possibilitys(like a werehog) so then when i got the wii version(yup i only have the wii version) and after playing 2 level of omg lol yes yes yes!!!!! then it came. sonic turned into a lol monster and then sonic unleashed was a living hell until i got to shamar. well the xbox 360 version is better but still its a hell of sonic. so i dont have the xbox 360 version or the ps3 one but i watch youtube. both of them are good but if you want a shorter version of sonic unleashed then get the wii or ps2 version. well theres almost nothing to say atleast heres maybe the the things you might want the 360 version instead. in the 360 one you can get dlc and exclusive levels like mizuri and epire city that the wii and ps2 dosent have. well i have to give this game a 6/10 because i think you shoud just get sonic the hegeghog if you want sonics old fsat speed. but sonic unleashed is still good for buy. if you wanna get sonic unleashed then buy it. its a good way to relax from stress because all you need to relive stress is just play a speed level. bye and the final score is 6/10 and you should buy the game. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy What a Face Like a Star @ heaven afro lol! queen king

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PostSubject: Re: sonic unleashed review   Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:44 pm

They really ruined that game with those idiotic Werehog thing.

I had tons of fun with the speed levels, great visuals though I played the Wii version, nice level design, good pathways... and then came the werehog.
I stopped playing the game because of Werehog levels.

Also, the PS3 version may look better but it has one great disadvantage to the Wii version:
Loading screens. Especially in the city there is a f"ckload of loading screens, it really pisses you off.

The Wii verion conveniently solved all those unneccecary screens with a town map making the unneccecary story and information search much faster.
It may not look that nice but comparing the incredible difference in loading- and searching times (for people who want to talk to you) ,that's more than worth it.

Unfortunatly I've nerver seen the X-Box version so I can't really say anything to that one.
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sonic unleashed review
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