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 The days of fossil jungle and base set.

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PostSubject: The days of fossil jungle and base set.   Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:02 pm

ahh anyone remember the times of that game? it really took hours to build a useful deck. i remember that jungle scyther was one of the top cards of the set (a bit pricy too) various decks were run the focus was on making sure to minimize luck (go computer serch) and to win using trainers and offesive pokemon not try to set up combos of pokemon powers to win(muk monkeyed with powers anyway it was incredibly underrated). If you played then what deck did you run and how did it do? If you wernt around then what kind of deck would you use in that format?
my deck at that time
Pokemon (17
4x jigglypuff (jungle) killed mr mimes for me
3x wigglytuff (can you say 60 damage a turn ouch with a plus power it OKOs hitmon and buzz
4x scyther (beat opposing hitmons and free swich allowed a small 2 turn stall then it was doing the wave!)
3x electibuzz (helped with annoying rain dance decks which otherwise could really annoy me)
3x Mr mime (extremly underated after scyther slashes mime comes in and kos electabuzzes and scythers from the opposing team.
energy (20)
4 Double colourless energy
8 electric energy
8psycic energy
trainers (24)
4x professor oak
4x bill
standerd card drawing
4x computer search
self explanatory
4x gust of wind
generally useful
4x plus power
3x super energy removal
disrupts oppoents ability to attack\
this deck was built just b4 TR came out and thus was never tested well TRs zapdos allowed me to no longer need a ton of setup so hitmon usage and ditto usage went so high i never saw them again
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The days of fossil jungle and base set.
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