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 Mario Kart Wii 4X4

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PostSubject: Mario Kart Wii 4X4   Mario Kart Wii 4X4 EmptyTue Dec 29, 2009 5:43 am

I'm starting up my 1st clan called Mario Kart Wii 4X4! Its a really simple group! If you don't like the bikes because of their high speeds, control, or you just hate people who use Funky Kong with the flame runner for a sure win, join this group! If you didn't get the description, i mean this is a kart only group! The requirements are simple:

1(most important rule):no online hacking! that is an unfair use and will be kicked out of the group, OR if the admin finds out, the forum immediately

2:skill level does not matter. I dont care if you have 3500VR because you lose all the time, ill probably even help you gain your level! So noobs are welcome.

3.No trash talk, spam, online bullying. If you got nothing nice to say, ill just get the admin to take care of it. results can vary from a warning, kicked out of the group, or the forum itself!

4:you must have Nintendo Wi-Fi access. I know a lot of you do, but I want to know that you still are active in the clan, we might do a few races/battles (im more of a racing guy though) throughout the week, possibly a ton over the weekend!

5:you may use any control scheme. I dont care what kind of controller you use or if you prefer manual or automatic. I prefer the Classic Controller because it looks like an SNES controller with joysticks on it! Very Happy

6:remember, Karts only! no bikes at all (bikes is the clan's "B" word).

That is all I can think of through requirements. If you have a question, or want to join, comment here, PM me or go to my Youtube channel and post it on my wall

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Mario Kart Wii 4X4
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