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 I think its about time you guys understand this...

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PostSubject: I think its about time you guys understand this...   Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:16 pm

I'm going to use the latest goodbye as an example...

Deadluiga wrote:
Im gone. Eh, I got nothing to do here. Most people here are uu obbsesed

its like.

OMG YOU USED OU1!!!!!!!!!!!!

-.- really.

im not really active as i am on my other fourm i have 5000+ posts

also wtf? Beast is banned for no reason.

Onion banned him on something that happend on a chat, WOW. Kinda fail...

beast also said gaia was banned for posting spam on someone elses acc and he got unbanned. I find faves going on. Well bye.

btw: onion that was really some fail..

also a note from beast him self: he got a new IP address, and new acc, no one, knows who he is (not that was from him.)

Unless you actually take the time to ask one of us the reason why something happened, dont flame about it, because it makes you look more immature then you might be.

Also, now that I have seen this, it seems that we have to add on another special rule, just because of it.


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I think its about time you guys understand this...
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