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 my crystal beasts deck

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PostSubject: my crystal beasts deck   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:20 am

my rainbow dragonless & hamon crystal beast deck


- crystal beast sapphire pegasus x3
- crystal beast topaz tiger x2
- crystal beast amber mamoth x2
- crystal beast amethest cat x3
- crystal beast ruby carboncal x2
- rescue cat
- destiny hero dasher
- dark magician of chaos
- sangan

p.s i dont run cobalt eagle & emerald turtle for a reason

spells: 23

- ancient city rainbow ruins x3
- crystal abundance x2
- crystal beacon x3
- crystal blessing x3
- rare value x3
- crystal promise x2
- magical mullet x3
- heavy storm
- mystical space typhoone
- wild natures release
- snatch steal

traps: 5

- crystal raigeki x2
- triggerd summon
- mirror force
- sakuretsu armor
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PostSubject: Re: my crystal beasts deck   Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:17 am

nice deck i to have a crystall beast deck but mine is a little diffrent

-RainbowDragon x1
-Sapphire Pegasus x1
-topas tigre x2
-amethist cat x2
-amber mammoth x2
-Ruby carbuncle x2
-Emerald turtois x2
-Gravi-Crush-Dragon x1
-Spear Cretin x1
-Spirit Caller x1
-magna-Slash Dragon x1

(winged dragon of ra x1)(don't really use this one much cause i don't like using god cards they don't have any strategie)

Total monsters : 16

- Crystal Abundace x 3
-Acient City- Rainbow Ruins x2
-Crystal Release x2
-Crystal tree x2
-Crystal Beacon x2
-Crystal Blessing x2
-Cristal Promise x2

Total Magic : 15

-Crystal Pair x3
-Rainbow Gravity x1
-Last Resort x1
-Defense draw x1
-Crystal Rageki x2
-Magic cilinder x1

Total trap cards : 9
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my crystal beasts deck
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