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 Pokemonth Online: June 2010

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PostSubject: Pokemonth Online Youtube Project: June 2010   Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:31 pm

Hi everyone. This post is here to launch Pokemonth Online.


What is Pokemonth Online?

Pokemonth Online is a Youtube project. This involves a 30 participants (In june) who will record and narrate a PBR or DS Battle. Then, all videos will be uploaded one a day for a whole month on the same channel. These videos would be exclusive to the channel and would show a collective group of amazing battlers.

What Type of Battle Should I Plan?

Battle Types can be up to you. Wins or losses can be uploaded.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you agree to the criteria below, follow the steps in the application section.

What Happens if I do not meet the criteria or I do not wish to post a battle?

If you do not meet the criteria, try for the next month the project is done. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to and can advertise to others who do not know about pokemonth online


    Youtube Criteria

  • Users must have at least 20 subscribers on Youtube
  • Users must be willing to make the video on this channel exclusive
  • Users must subscribe to the Pokemonth Online Channel
  • Users must be willing to (at least) link to the Pokemonth Online Channel for their subscribers to go to.
  • Users must narrate their battle and it must be in english
  • Users language must be clean (No Swearing etc)

    Battling Criteria

  • Users and their opponents must use a legitamate team in battle
  • Users must follow standard rules in battles


If you are Interested, please email with the following information:

NB: No information will be given to anyone else. Also, some information is asked for so that the people chosen can be spread throughout the month.

  • Your Forum Name
  • The Forum Where You Found This Post
  • Your Youtube Account
  • Your Email Address that you will use for contact
  • PBR or DS
  • Singles or Doubles
  • Your Prefered Date in June (If you have)
  • Any other information you wish to include

If there are more than 30 people, it will be decided who will be involved via a random number generator.

The successful 30 will be contacted with their dates by they need to send me the video and the other 29 participants

If there are anymore questions or suggestions, please reply to this post or email

Good Luck with your applications

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Pokemonth Online: June 2010
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