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 Coaster's FanFic

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PostSubject: Re: Coaster's FanFic   Fri May 28, 2010 5:15 pm

Cool idea. Havent seen many other fanfic writers do that. Like the Bios Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Coaster's FanFic   Sat May 29, 2010 11:32 pm

Chapter 5 - "Really...? Team Racket?"

“So kid, are you able to battle with that wimpy Mareep?” sneered the mysterious man.

“I don’t want to beat you so bad just yet. First tell me why Team Rocket has come back for the third time?” asked Coaster, taking a step back, knowing that this battle was inevitable.

“Stupid kid! I’m not part of Team Rocket. I’m part of… Team Racket!” yelled the Team Racket grunt. “We’re formed from the old Team Rocket members who refused to be stopped by the non responsive Giovanni. We will control all the Pokémon in Johto and use them for our own personal gain!”

“Team Racket huh? Very… original?” mocked Coaster, knowing now that the battle was about to come.

“Is it, punk? Go! Raticate!” commanded the Racket Grunt, as he threw a Pokéball into the middle of the field.

“Let’s go Alexandria! We can beat this grunt easily!” yelled Coaster as Alexandria ran towards the Raticate. “Use Thundershock!”

But Alexandria ignored the orders and continued its run into Raticate.

“Dodge it quick, Raticate!” yelled the Racket grunt. Raticate took a quick drive towards the left, as Alexandria ran straight into a tree.

“Alexandria! Are you okay?” asked Coaster, as Alexandria stood dazed and confused.

“Now Raticate, use Bite!” yelled the Racket grunt. Raticate turned and made a full sprint towards Alexandria, and took a huge bite into Alexandria’s side.

“Maaaa!” cried Alexandria, suddenly realizing that it’s in a battle.

“Alexandria, come back! Before it hits you again!” yelled Coaster, knowing that Alexandria could not take another hit. Once again, Alexandria ignored Coaster’s orders.

“Dude, Alexandria doesn’t like you,” pointed out Daniel, who was prepping his Houndour to attack the Raticate.

“Alright Raticate, finish off this Mareep with another Bite!” yelled the Racket Grunt. Raticate took another full stride towards Alexandria with its mouth wide open, ready to hit it with a powerful bite.

“Quick Alexandria! Dodge it!” cried Coaster, in desperation that Alexandria would finally listen. Instead, Mareep stood its ground. “Oh no…” whispered Coaster, knowing that Alexandria would most likely faint from this attack. Alexandria’s tail started to glow from a bright yellow to an even brighter white, and static started to spread across its body. Almost instantly, Mareep side stepped Raticate’s attack and unleashed a compelling Thunderbolt at Raticate. With no time to react, Raticate took the hit. It must have lasted 10 seconds, a complete standstill of Raticate getting shocked and Alexandria venting strong beams of electricity.

Raticate fell with a thud, unconscious.

“What-? How in the world…?” asked the Racket grunt in confusion. Alexandria stood tall, almost seemed as if the Raticate didn’t touch her. The Racket grunt withdrew his Raticate. “You haven’t seen the last of me, kid. That Mareep of yours must be special if it could take out my Raticate with one shot.” And with that, he threw a smoke ball onto the ground and disappeared from scene.

After the smoke had cleared, Coaster noticed that Alexandria was lying down, taking a nap.

“Wow, Alexandria sure likes to take naps,” said Coaster, a bit relieved that nothing bad had happened to her.

“Coaster, are you seriously just calm like that? There’s no way a Mareep could take out a Raticate like that. She is special. We have to get her to some specialist to see what exactly is special about her,” said Daniel, still in shock with the power Alexandria had.

“Relax, it’s probably just something with her inability to control her strength. She’s only a few days old,” said Coaster. “Let’s go into that house. Maybe we can get a clue to what this ‘Team Racket’ is all about.” Coaster and Daniel walked into the house, leaving Alexandria out to sleep in the sun and Houndour to guard her while she naps.

The cottage was completely empty, besides the random desk next to thee murky window and the small sized bed in the corner. Coaster took a long look around, but unfortunately could not find a single trace of any clues from the Racket grunt. “Strange, it looks like he was able to take everything in here with him,” said Coaster.

“Wait, what’s this?” asked Daniel, as he found a silver necklace with a gold orb attached under the blankets of the bed. He took it up and it immediately started to sparkle.

“Wow, that looks really impressive. Let’s just grab it and go, I don’t like to be here any longer,” said Coaster, already heading towards the door. As he got out, he noticed a tall, goofy looking man feeding Alexandria. “Hey, who are you?!” yelled Coaster, who was nervous that the Racket grunt had returned. The man got up from his squatting position and turned to the boys.

“Well hello, my name is Professor Elm. Sorry to be bothering you and your Pokémon, but I had come to Olivine City in search for… something important. Who are you may I ask?”
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PostSubject: Re: Coaster's FanFic   Sun May 30, 2010 8:32 am

Very good I love your fanfiction it's my favourite!
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PostSubject: Re: Coaster's FanFic   Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:13 am

Chapter 6 will be postponed until Monday, June 7th. Sunday I plan to write my warstory for the VGC this weekend, so I will probably preoccupy my time with that rather than revise the next chapter. Sorry! Also for those who haven't looked, always check the Original Post (OP) for updates. I recently updated them with a Biography on the main characters, so be sure to check that out!
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PostSubject: Re: Coaster's FanFic   

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Coaster's FanFic
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