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 Youtube Stories

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PostSubject: Youtube Stories   Sat May 08, 2010 2:34 pm

So yeah. Go ahead and post any crazy moments on YouTube here.(Yes it's Possible.)

I kinda saw this coming. I left a comment on his video of one of this guy's A capella videos saying "it wasn't a real A Capella and it wasn't good". He said something that didn't make any sense and kinda got me mad, and then blocked me before I could say anything back.
Then I had like, a few people who kinda backed me up. Kinda nice at the moment.
I read the comments, they both were saying to challenge me or stop doing bad A Capella. And I was like, "What the-...?" And I was thinking it actually could be good going down with an A Capella showdown. So I told one of the people who backed me up that. I guess other guy read my comment to the first guy and told segacamp(That's his account name) to have a contest with him. So I just went along with this.

And well, I got an A Capella contest against that idiot they call a singer atm.

Well, right now, He's got his part of the thing done. I'm doing mine now.(Easy Win...)
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Youtube Stories
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