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 STEAM roup. 14TH, Drop unit.

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STEAM roup. 14TH, Drop unit. Empty
PostSubject: STEAM roup. 14TH, Drop unit.   STEAM roup. 14TH, Drop unit. EmptyTue May 18, 2010 1:46 pm

Hello, I started the 14th Drop unit(14THDB) Around a month ago. Right now, its me and 17 other people in it.

Our admins: Me, (Pvt fear/dead5splitter) Idltires .bc. Troubled -FGL- (AVC)

Our STEAM link:

Our forums will come soon.


Tf2,DoDs, MW2,MW,WaW,Gmod,and Half life 2 mods along with free online games such as battlefield heros.

At the moment we only own a TF2 sever Smile
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STEAM roup. 14TH, Drop unit.
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