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 Rebuild of Evangelion(Review)

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PostSubject: Rebuild of Evangelion(Review)   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:33 am

So I had watched 1.0 recently and my friend had told me some things on 2.0 that I liked and i had eventually watched it. My thoughts
Shinji- In 1.0, somewhat less annoying. He is still kinda whiny but not that same character you can't bring yourself to like. In 2.0 i liked that he actually started to improve his personality and by the end he actually seems heroic, even in 1.0 starting to become braver to protect Rei.
-Rei- Starts with the signature emotionless personality until the end of 1.0, she clearly had a very caring and determined demeanor in the final fight. In 2.0 she seems to have a good friendship with Shinji, showing .
-Asuka- Cocky, aggressive, kinda funny, egotistical and just not very likable-like she should be. She still has the same psychotic issues from before and its made clear, but instead of dragging it on, she actually develops and realized if wasn't so selfish she would wouldn't have to worry about being alone, and like shinji, tries to correct her issues and develops.
Evangelion's biggest part is its characters, and I like that the characters grow and develop without the need of a twisted apocalypse. The biggest change in the remake is that it is a lot less depressing than its original counterpart. The characters become more likable and the overall tone is a lot more optimistic with the intent of conquering your demons instead of letting them bring you to brink of insanity. If the original turned you off because its depressing tone, I'd recommend checking this out. The main ones who may have a problem adjusting are big fans of the original but i'd say they'd still like it. I'd recommend checking it out.
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Rebuild of Evangelion(Review)
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