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 Starcraft 2 Anyone?

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Starcraft 2 Anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Starcraft 2 Anyone?   Starcraft 2 Anyone? EmptyFri Aug 27, 2010 9:25 am

So my cousin got me into Starcraft 1 about a year ago and I really liked the game, we would play together and while I sucked well, you know the rest, I had fun. It was tough getting good at the game because most people played the game a good 3 years more than me lol.

Then Starcraft 2 comes out and I find myself losing to people who just started playing the game =.= It pisses me off how anybody can do a random cheese or just turtle and win. But anyway, this isn't a rant. Do you guys play SC2? If so add me? I haven't played in a week or so because I was getting aggravated, I guess playing MW2 doesn't help my aggravation LOL.
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Starcraft 2 Anyone?
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