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 Just a question

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PostSubject: Just a question   Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:15 pm

Okay, I'm just assuming this question would go here. If it shouldn't be here, can someone please move it?

Does anyone know how much an English first edition Mew promo card from the Fossil set is worth? I have a book from 2000 that tells how much Pokemon cards are worth and I saw that for the Mew card it said the Japanese price is $36-$46. The English price however, says that it was removed from the English editions and was available only to members of the Pokemon Players League. So I kinda thought the English version was worth more.

No one probably knows the answer to this, but I just posted it anyway because...I can.

I wasn't thinking of selling it, what it said in the book just made me curious about it.
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Just a question
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