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 Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen)

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Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen) Empty
PostSubject: Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen)   Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen) EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 9:27 pm

I felt that this was appropriate since this is a competitive battling-ish forum. If you want to add something you speculate to this, PM me. This will be put into several parts because its 11:23 P.M. here on the East Coast.

Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen) SpriteVictini
Pokemon: Victini
Type: Psy/Fire
Speculated Tierage: OU

It's basically another 100-all 600 Pokemon. As of now, its movepool show some rather strong STAB moves, with Flare Blitz, Overheat, and Reversal to count. Its unique typing allows it to resist many things in the metagame, namely Steel-Types and Fighting Types. What more, its Accuracy is increaced thanks to Victory Star, which means that Fire Blast (which chances are will be kept as a TM), will miss less and hurt more.

Pokemon: Jaroda
Type; Grass
Speculated Tierage: NU-UU

Seriously, this thing is stupid. I can literally imaging it having a conversation with Meganium about how Gamefreak screwed them over. It's movepool has some strong moves in there, namely Leaf Blade and Leaf Storm, as well as Gastro Acid. But what sucks is that its Attack and Special Attack are crap, running Base 75 each, while it runs a 75/95/95 defensive spread, and then there's that freak 113 Speed, which is totally useless unless it has a decent attack stat to also use. If it learns Swords Dance through TM, which it might, the metagame might be kinder to it and put it in UU.

Pokemon: Emboar
Type: Fire/Fighting
Speculated Tierage: BL-OU

Although we can flip Gamefreak off for giving us yet ANOTHER Fire/Fighting type, but this one is a bit different. It is the slowest of the three fighters, but it also has the highest attack, as well as some decent Special Attack and HP. Although many will complain about its slowness, a new move was introduced that its Pre-evolution, Pokabu, can learn: Nitro Charge, which is basically and Fire-type Agility, which can come in useful. With access to Flare Blitz as well as Hammer Arm, it is pretty scary.

Pokemon: Daikenki
Type: Water
Speculated Tierage: UU

This seal-otter-thing has a good attack and Special Attack, but lacks in the Speed department. What makes me rather excited is Swords Dance, which makes it pretty **** powerful. With Physical moves such as Aqua Tail and Aqua Jet, as well as Megahorn for coverage against Grass-Types. Its unique movepool should make a definite splash in any tier.

Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen) SpriteMiruhoggu
Pokemon: Miruhoggu
Type: Normal
Speculated Tierage: NU

This thing isn't hynotizing no one when it comes to its self-examination. It sucks. Period. It's like Bibarel, only that Bibarel could have been more usefull with rather nice abilities instead of Keen Eye.

Pokemon: Murandoo
Type: Normal
Speculated Tierage: NU-UU

Although its stats don't look great, with 85/90/90 Defenses, its decent in bulk and has a decent attack. It runs in a similar fashion to Arcanine in terms of defense utilizing the ability Intimidate.

More to come soon.

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Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen)   Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen) EmptySat Sep 18, 2010 12:27 pm

I like this, and i can agree what you say. Can i just write down what i think and post it, or do you put it in the first post? I'll write one here anyway.

Pokemon: Desukan
Type: Ghost
Speculated Tierage: BL-OU

His huge Def (145) and a good Sp.Def (105) he can become a great wall. He has though a crapy HP (58). And with the Mummy ability, he can give problems to pokemon that relys on abilitys alot, like Scizor. And he has WoW and Haze that can be prety nice. And his 95 Sp.Atk is not to bad either. He will problebly be used more like a Physical Wall then Sp.Wall. The new Dusknoir anyone?
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PostSubject: Re: Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen)   Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen) EmptySat Sep 18, 2010 1:05 pm

I doubt desukan will be as good as dusknoir, who is by no means a dominant force in OU, just because of his (relatively) low SpD. I also don't see a huge amount of usefulness for his ability, as the only physical attackers can think of that really rely on their ability to do well are pokemon like heracross and other guts users, as well as Machamp, who doesn't really need his ability when facing ghosts. maybe against pokes like bronzong, but it would still require a switch to take advantage of his loss of levitate, and you could've always just gone into Heatran or something with a fire move
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Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen)   Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen) Empty

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Extreme Theorymoning (5th Gen)
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