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 Your favourite underrated let's player?

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PostSubject: Your favourite underrated let's player?   Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:54 pm

With Nintendocaprisun and Chuggaaconroy getting so much attention, so many other let's players get overlooked.
So my question to you is...
Who is your favourite underrated let's player?
One thing to note is that this isn't just to ask you guys, it's also to introduce let's players that deserve more attention.

My choices are:
- ClementJ642 ( )
He is a pretty funny guy, and is also a very skilled gamer.

- Kowbrainz ( )
I haven't watched him too much, but he is quite good with his editing skills, and knows about the games he plays.

- TiroDvD ( )
I've barley watched this guy to tell you the truth, but he can be quite the exciting guy.

Edit: almost forgot..

- gnrfan5000 ( )
This guy is quite mellow and can be a bit boring, but he still deserves more attention.

Name some more?
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Your favourite underrated let's player?
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