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 RM kokoromori sets

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RM kokoromori sets Empty
PostSubject: RM kokoromori sets   RM kokoromori sets EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 6:38 am

Kokoromori(hikikomori)@focus sash/leftovers
-calm mind
-psycho shock
-air slash
-charge beam/energy ball/hidden power(ground/fire/fighting)

simple is a dream world ability that makes my stats boosts twice as powerfull
calm mind increases my sp.attack and sp.defence to incredible levels after one use (sp.attack becomes even more powerful than deoxys's sp.attack and its sp.defence reaches almost 300 which is not that bad)
psycho shock sez "screw you blissey with all your hp and sp.defence" this is one of the greatest moves evar created
air slash is a really annoying move on pokemon with high speed like kokoromori's + it gives preety nice cover with psychic type moves and is my most powerfull secondary stab move (too bad it doesnt get gale Sad )
charge beam would fork great as a finishing move with its high possibility of additional boost which counts X2 for me and would help me cover for some steel types(not too much sadly)
energy ball hits some rock types for super effective damage(they are now becoming useful again cause most of them have build in focus sash in this generation) and kills the likes of swampert with no problem but doesn't help with steel type problem at all
hidden power is always an option

Now to the second one

Kokoromori(i liek blood)@focus sash/leftovers
-thunder wave
-air slash
-psycho shock/psychic

Unaware is a weird ability that makes mine (and opponents) stat changes worthless that means i can switch into likes of calm minding psychic types who only have psychic/fighting/bug type moves as their damage dealing move
thunder wave paralyses everything that does not have ground type
then i use flatter(not swagger cause this one has more accuracy and i am not sure if the stat changes apply to the target if he hits itself if unaware is in effect could someone tell me ?) to confuse him and since i have unaware his sp.attack boost doesnt affect me
i use air slash to flinch everything in the way
the last move is a filler
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RM kokoromori sets
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