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 Guide on how to Ev train!

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PostSubject: Guide on how to Ev train!   Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:14 pm

Guide to help understand Ev trainning if yur having problems/
Guide to Ev Training

Table of Contents:
Part 1 : Effort Values : Basic Info
Part 2 : Ev Training : How to - Rules and Limitations
Part 3 : Tools, Berries and Viruses : Fixing your mistakes - Cutting the load
Part 4 : Acquiring the tools : Sharing is caring - Off to the Battle Tower
Part 5 : Conclusion - Last Words

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Part 1 : Effort Values
Basic Info
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

What are EVs?

EVs, sometimes referred to as Ep's, are Effort Values (Or Effort Points). These are points which are acquired in the game in order to enhance your Pokemon's stats. It takes four (4) Ev's in order to enhance a stat by one (1) point.
Each Pokemon has it's own given amount of Ev's. These numbers will remain the same, so a Bidoof will always have one (1) Hp Ev, Magicarp will always have one (1) Speed Ev, so on and so fourth.

What is Ev Training?

Ev Training, simply put, is training your Pokemon to specifically raise your Pokemon's stats in a fashion which appeals to you the most in order to gain an advantage in competitive battling. When EV training, you (normally) jot down how many EV's you've acquired so you don't lose count. Unless you have a super juiced up brain and your able to count in you head, that works too. Just keep a list to track what you beat in battle and such. If I beat three (3) Bidoofs, it might help a lot if I make a column for HP and write a three (3), make three (3) tally marks, etc.

Why should I Ev train?

Ev training will absolutely give you the definite edge in battling. When done properly, you’ll see that you do more damage with an EV-trained Pikachu rather than a regular, untrained Pikachu for example, have more HP than another Pokemon, etc.

So which Pokemon give out which Ev's?

Due to advertising purposes, my best suggestion would be to hop on Google and just look for Pokedexs. They should provide somewhere what EVs each Pokemon gives out.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Part 2 : EV Training
How to - Rules and Limitations
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

How do you acquire EVs?

EV's are acquired in two ways:

1. Through battling. You receive EVs ONLY when you acquire experience points in battle. This means that if your level 100, you cannot gain EVs through battling because you don't get experience at level 100.

2. Through using vitamins. Vitamins boost a particular stat by ten (10) EVs, however cannot exceed 100 EVs in any one stat. So if you have 101 EVs in your attack stat, a Protein will NOT boost it any further.

There are 6 different vitamins, which are:
HP Up : Boosts the HP (Health) stat by ten (10) EVs.
Protein : Boosts the Attack stat by ten (10) EVs.
Iron : Boosts the Defense stat by ten (10) EVs.
Calcium : Boosts the Special Attack stat by ten (10) EVs.
Zinc : Boosts the Special Defense stat by ten (10) EVs.
Carbos : Boosts the Speed stat by ten (10) EVs.

Evs and their limitations

When you first get a Pokemon (Whether you catch it, hatch it, obtain through event, etc.), it comes clean of EVs. If we were to show how much EVs it has, it would look something similar to this:

0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
HP / Attack / Defense / Sp. Attack / Sp. Defense / Speed

You might be thinking, well if I get +1 stat for every four (4) EVs, I’ll just max out every stat and win… not quite. Every stat can only hold up to a maximum of 255 EVs. So I’m sure I know what your thinking, I’ll EV train a Pokemon to look like this:

255 / 255 / 255 / 255 / 255 / 255
HP / Attack / Defense / Sp. Attack / Sp. Defense / Speed

Not quite there again. A Pokemon can only have a total of 510 Ev’s all together. So realistically, a Pokemon would be EV trained something like this:

6 / 252 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 252
HP / Attack / Defense / Sp. Attack / Sp. Defense / Speed

This is just an example, and is a quite common spread for physical attackers, as a lot of the fast physical attackers want as much speed and attack as possible. Sometimes, a Pokemon is too slow and would benefit more with max HP and attack, it all depends on what you want.

As an added note, the max EVs any particular stat should have is 252. Why? As mentioned, it takes four (4) EVs to increase a stat by one (+1). 255 is not divisible by four (4). 252 however, is divisible by four (4) and you don't get any remainders, which means your saving a total of three (3) EVs per maxed stat. Add that into the fact that you put another 252 EVs in a stat, you'll have another three (3) spare EVs. That's enough to increase another stat by one (1). I'm sure there were occasions where you lived by one (1) HP, so you might always want consider it's value. Never be too lazy and just EV train a stat with 255 EVs! Just max it out to 252 - Always get the most out of EV training or you may regret it when the time comes in battles.

How do I know if I EV Trained right?

Visit Sunnyshore City, and enter the Seal Market. Here, talk to the lady to the left. She will examine the first Pokemon in your party for if it has 510 EVs on it. If it does manage to have 510 EVs, she will present it with the 'Effort Ribbon'.

Although this doesn't exactly mean you EV Trained right.
EVs are fully recognized at level 100. If your Pokemon is at level 54 or so but EV trained, you may not see any exponential growth in your Pokemon's stats. That's alright, doesn't mean you didn't do it wrong. If you don't believe it, take a Pokemon without any EVs. Go on Wifi, and have a set level 100 battle. Jot down it's statistics and EV Train. Go back online and look at the difference. If you've done this right, you'll notice a change in stats. This is how most players check if they've EV Trained right.

A lot of people may think that the EVs will reset per level or something like that / something else that's completely wrong but similar in some way. Well you don't. The EVs you got at level 12 will stay with you and accumulate up when your level 32, level 79, etc. They won't go away until you erase them with EV-Reducing berries. Keep that in mind.

Other Questions that deserve mention:
First, evolutions. Let me say this very straight forward now. You do NOT lose EVs by evolving. In case you didn't get that, I'll say it once more for emphasis. You do NOT lose EVs by evolving. You can only take away EVs through certain berries (Which are mentioned in the next section).

As for levels, it may be iffy understanding how level's tie into EV training.
Let me simply say, a Pokemon can be finished EV training at any level. It can be level 5 and finish EV training, it could be level 17, 29, 43, 58,92, whatever. But what level it is does not determine whether or not it's finished training. No set level will decide when you've reached your max with EV training.
Most people prefer training at earlier levels to get it out of the way, others prefer to get a Pokemon to a higher level just for simplicities sake. Also, do note that Rare Candies do NOT affect EVs. As said, you only get EVs through vitamins or by gaining experience through battles. So if you use rare candies on a level 1 Pokemon for lets say, 20 levels, it will still be clean of EVs.
Also, lets say your EV training in attack. You so far have cumulated a total of 12 EVs in attack, but you level up. In it's stats, it may say something like +2 attack. If your one of those people who are thinking that, "I should've gotten +3 in attack. What am I doing wrong?" Your doing nothing wrong. As said previously, EVs will fully, 100%, be recognized at level 100. Remember, a Pokemon has a base stat that needs to be recognized first, so don't expect to see +63 in a stat when you level up. As you get to higher levels, you may notice the numbers getting bigger such as +4 or +5 here and there. But I'm not saying you should get to level 100. In fact, I detest against it. The only reason you should train up to level 100 would be either for a tournament done locally in person, to learn a move only available at level 100, or for Pokemon Battle Revolution. When you battle on Wi-fi, you have the option to set the battles to level 100. When you do this, all the EVs you accumulated will get taken into account, so you won't need to worry. I would sugggest leaving a Pokemon at level 99 or less, just so just in case you want to change the EVs, your able to do so.

In terms of trading, you normally want to include it's EV trained information. So let's say your trading a Fearow that's EV trained 252 EVs in attack, 252 EVs in speed, and 252 EVs in HP, you'll usually want to note it as 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 6 HP, or something similar to that. Please, for the sake of all that is good, don't post the stats. Posting the stats of something absolutely doesn't help anyone at all

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Part 3 : Berries, Tools and Viruses
Fixing your mistakes - Cutting the load
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I messed up EV Training, any way to how I can fix it?

Yes there is a way, the berries #21 - #26 are the berries used to clear them. These are known as EV-Reducing berries, and are :

#21 - Pomeg Berry : Reduces a Pokemon's HP EVs, as well as increases friendship.
#22 - Kelpsy Berry : Reduces a Pokemon's Attack EVs, as well as increases friendship.
#23 - Qualot Berry : Reduces a Pokemon's Defense EVs, as well as increases friendship.
#24 - Hondew Berry : Reduces a Pokemon's Special Attack EVs, as well as increases friendship.
#25 - Grepa Berry : Reduces a Pokemon's Special Defense EVs, as well as increases friendship.
#26 - Tamato Berry : Reduces a Pokemon's Speed EVs, as well as increases friendship.

Each berry reduces EVs by ten (10) EVs per berry. There is an exception though, for if any one stat has over 100 EVs in it, the berry brings it down to 100. So let's say you had 212 EVs in attack and used a Kelpsy Berry, it would reduce it to 100 EVs in attack. Followed by 90, 80, 70 and so on for each berry used afterwords.
Do note, this is the ONLY way to reduce EVs.

Is there a faster way to EV Train?
- Pokerus, Power Items, Macho Brace -

There is actually. Pokerus, Power Items and Macho Brace all boost the amount of EVs you get.

Pokerus :
Pokerus boosts the EVs you get by x2. So if you were to get one (1) EV point in attack, Pokerus would boost this by x2, totaling +2 EVs in attack.
( 1 x 2 = 2)

Power Items :
Just like vitamins, their are six (6) power items.

-Power Weight : Boosts the HP (Health) Stat by +4 EVs per battle.
-Power Bracer : Boosts the Attack Stat by +4 EVs per battle.
-Power Belt : Boosts the Defense Stat by +4 EVs per battle.
-Power Lens : Boosts the Special Attack Stat by +4 EVs per battle.
-Power Band : Boosts the Special Defense Stat by +4 EVs per battle.
-Power Anklet : Boosts the Speed Stat by +4 EVs per battle.

These items, when held, increases the amount of EVs gained by four (4). So if you were to gain one (1) Attack EV in battle, when holding a Power Item, you would gain +4 in the respective stat it boosts. So it could be +1 Attack EV, +4 Speed EVs (If holding the Power Anklet), +5 Attack EVs (If holding the Power Bracer), etc.

Macho Brace :
The Macho Brace is ideally an inferior Power Item, but a universal power item. It multiplies the EVs by two, so if you were to gain one (1) Attack EV, you would gain two (2) Attack EVs.

When used in conjunction:

Let's say you had a Power Item on, as well as Pokerus.
Well, you would first include the item's effect, followed by the Pokerus effect. So if you were to gain one (1) attack EV, and held the Power Bracer, you would total five (5) attack EVs. This will be multiplied by two (2) due to Pokerus, totaling ten (10) EVs.

Same concept applies if you were to use a different Power Item. Let's say you received one (1) Attack EV, but was holding a Power Anklet. You would gain a total of two (2) Attack EVs, and eight (Cool Speed EVs. Why? Because one (1) times two (2) equals 2, and four (4) times two (2) equals eight (Cool.

Let's now say you had a Macho Brace on, and had Pokerus. If you beat a Machop, you'd receive one (1) Attack EV, which is multiplied by two (2) due to the Macho Brace totaling two (2) Attack EVs, and multiplied by another two (2) totaling 4 Attack EVs.

No matter what, Power Items will ALWAYS give more EVs than the Macho Brace itself.

What about Experience Share?

What about it? Experience Share has the same concept. If you gain +1 Attack EVs, the Pokemon (Holding Exp. Share) will only get +1 Attack EVs. Unless it has Pokerus, in which it will double. But it can't exceed higher then that since it won't be holding any Power Items or Macho Brace.

In other words, the Pokemon holding Exp. Share will only retain the original amount of EVs the defeated Pokemon will give out. The battling Pokemon's effects with Power Items and such will not be passed on to others.
If you have a hard time with this, I just suggest that you avoid EV training with the Experience Share. It overcomplicates things and it's much more easier training one Pokemon at a time. That's just my suggestion.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Part 4 : Acquiring the tools
Sharing is Caring - Off to the Battle Tower
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Where can I get the Pokerus, Power Items, and Macho Brace?

Pokerus :

Initially acquired by battling a wild Pokemon with it. How can I tell? I remember reading that the Pokemon would have a status condition, however I'm not entirely sure. It is tremendously random though. Now these days, people end up trading for it since it's so widespread. It's quite easy to find it if you try looking.

How exactly do you know if you have Pokerus?

Well if you look in your Pokemon's summary, it will show a purple block that says PKRS, which stands for Pokerus. Also, the very first time you get this infection, when you talk to Nurse Joy when curing your Pokemon, if the infected Pokemon is in your party, she will give you a heads up about it. This condition will last 24-48 hours, in which it will then be 'cured'. When it's cured/immune, a yellow face will appear in it's summary. Pokemon that are cured are still given the effects of Pokerus.

Power Items :
Each Power Item is acquired in the Battle Park, for sixteen (16) Battle Points (BP) each. So to get each Power Item, you would need a total of 96 Battle Points (BP). You could also of course, nag it through trading.

Macho Brace :
In Pastoria City should be a person who talks about Burmy. Show them the three variations of Burmy (Grass, Ground, and Steel), and he'll present you with the Macho Brace.

"To the people that want a Macho Brace and have Pokemon Platinum. It is the same house, except you must show the bug catcher both a Female and Male Combee. Instead of all 3 forms of Burmy. An easier task, eh?"

How do you pass/contain Pokerus?

Well put the Pokemon in your party in order to spread it. Get in a battle, and after the battle (Whether you run or battle) check the Pokemon's summary. Generally it's passed on to whatever Pokemon is next to the infected one. If it doesn't pass, just keep battling, it may take a while.

In order to contain the Pokerus, place it in your PC. It will not grow an immunity to it unless it's in your actual party. Also, Pokemon cured of Pokerus CANNOT pass the Pokerus infection to other Pokemon. So if you see that yellow face, you won't be able to pass the infection with that Pokemon. Similarly, you obviously wouldn't be able to re-infect that Pokemon with Pokerus.

Hope you enjoyed it.
This was not all mine i put it into my own words useing sites as refrences
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PostSubject: Re: Guide on how to Ev train!   Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:17 pm

Wouldn't this be better in the guides section?
Anyways, good guide.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide on how to Ev train!   Tue Jun 02, 2009 6:25 pm

this is an awesome guide, looks like it took some time to make..


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PostSubject: Re: Guide on how to Ev train!   Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:23 am

Great job on the guide
-Thanks to Lucas FTW for making my this

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PostSubject: Re: Guide on how to Ev train!   Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:59 am

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PostSubject: Re: Guide on how to Ev train!   

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Guide on how to Ev train!
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