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 how to build a pokemon 100% for beginners

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PostSubject: how to build a pokemon 100% for beginners   Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:08 pm

how to make a pokemon guide for beginners
this guide is specific for beginners who are new to competitive battling and it details every thing there is to know about building a pokemon

first thing to know is you can make an entire team using this guide but if you dont coordinate it properly the team will still fail
IE. this isnt a team building guide

there are 6 things to think about when making a pokemon

what is the pokemon for
pick your pokemon
move set

this guide wont help you make a team so you have to handle this part on your own
bassically figure out what yo want your pokemon to do on your team (sweep, wall, heal, support, etc.when you know what you
want to do then you can work on everything else

once you know what part this pokemon will play on your team its time to pick the pokemon your going to make
you pick your pokemon depending on its stats,movesets, weaknesses, and ability

IV(individual values)
IV are random numbers from 0-31 in each of your 6 stats
the IVs are randomly crerated when a pokemon is found in the wild and hatched
the higher each IV the better your stats will be at level 100 (you dont see all the effects until then)
for every 1 IV you get you will have that many points in each stat when your level is maxed out

1 raise your pokemon to level 100 without battleing (rare candies/ daycare)
2 using a hacking device such as action replay to check them with propercodes
3 IV calculator
an IV calculator will do the math and figure out your pokemons IV for you
get a level 100 battle and put your stats and nature into the calculator
(if you have any EV on the pokemon you must tell the calculator exactly how many per stat)
this is a calculator i use its pretty simple

it is possible but ill discuss that later in a breeding section

natures are randomly decided when a pokemon is found in the wild or hatched
most natures increase the growth of one stat 10% and stunt the growth of another by 10%
it is up to you to decide which stat is the least important on your pokemon
you wont see the full effects of your nature until level 100
check the nature in the pokemons summary chart second page
here is a chart of all the natures and there effects

it is also possible but i will cover that too in a breeding guide

EV(effort values)
EV points give you a great increase in stats and are the easiest part of stat modification
EV are points you get in every battle
each pokemon gives its own EV
you can check who gives what in this link
the stats in brown tell the pokemon that give you ceratain EV
for every 4 EV points you get in a stat that stat will go up by one point
you can only put 255 EV in each stat and you can only use 510 all together
a way to speed up the process of EV training is power items, pokerus, and EXP share

there are 7 power items
each stat as its own power item and one power item is for every stat
the first 6 i mentioned are
power lens (special attack)
power anklet (speed)
power weight (health points)
power belt (defense)
power band (special defense)
power bracer (attack)
if your pokemon is holding one of these items they will get +4
of the EV identified by the item regardless of the pokemon they fight

the seventh is macho brace it multiplys the EV your pokemon gets by 2

this is a virus your pokemon can get
it multiplys the EV you get by two like the macho bracer
lets say you have the machobracer on and you fight a nidoking (gives 3 attack EV) and win
the equation looks like this (EV)(2)(2)=new EV
(3attack EV)(2)= (6attack EV)(2)=12 attack EV

lets say you fight the same pokemon with the power bracer on
the equation would look like this

so its good to combine these things together!

your best bet is to get a pokemon with it from a trade
you can encounter it in the wild but your chances are extremely unlikely
you know your pokemon has pokerus when you look at its summary it will be clear in purple [PKRS]
to transfer pokerus from one pokemon to another you must put the pokerus
pokemon in the front of the part battle with it and wait ....put the pokemon
you want to get the disease in the second box
it takes time but youll get it eventually
after about 3 days your pokemon cant pass it on anymore but it still gets the EV boost
you know it cant pass it on when there is a snily next to your pokemon in its summary

simplw enough the pokemon holding EXP share get EV from battles they arent in
(the EV isnt cut like experience is but i doubt your pokemon gets a boost
from another pokemon withg a power item or pokerus)

switching pokemon in battle has the same effect
vitamins give 10 EV points to the stat there designed for the increase happens automatically but you can only use 10 per stat meaning you can only get 100 EV this way and you have to train for the rest
finally you pick your pokemon's moves
coordinate this wtih the team you have decided upon so choose carefully

almost done just one more tidbit......


natures are random from birth and capture
but you can change increase your odds of getting a nature you want
you can do this by capturing a female/ditto with the
nature you want and giving it an everston to hold in the daycare
this will give you 50% chance of getting the nature yopu want

certain pokemon can only learn moves by breeding with a father who knows those moves
meaning you may have to breed two different types of pokemon
some pokemon will not breed with others if they are in a different egg group
here is the egg group chart the pokemon in each group can all breed with eachother


this is actually pretty complicated
3 random IV of the two parents will be combined in the egg of the new pokemon
it goes like this
random IV from the first parent is taken
random IV from second parent is taken
random IV from first parent is taken

IV can overlap meaning you can end up with just one IV from the parents
HP IV can pnly be taken form the first parent on the first round although it isnt
a guarentee

if you dont understand this part i dont blame you i learned all there is to know from this guide
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PostSubject: Re: how to build a pokemon 100% for beginners   Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:15 pm

Nice guide.
I'm not really a beginner but nice guide for beginners.
Great job on the IV helped me a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: how to build a pokemon 100% for beginners   Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:10 pm

VideoGameMaster25 wrote:
Nice guide.
I'm not really a beginner but nice guide for beginners.
Great job on the IV helped me a lot.
im glad i could help Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: how to build a pokemon 100% for beginners   Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:51 am

Horray i can finally refer back to something that makes a whole lot of sense! Thanks for making the guide!
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PostSubject: lost   Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:16 pm

Hey guys wassup. Im new to this site. Anywayz. I've been playing pokemon since it came out. And I've read this board and it talks a lot about iv's ev's and all that other good stuff. And I've been on other sites reading about it. And I still don't understand it. Im more of a visual person, I'll know how to do it when I see it. I just need help lol is there any simpler way to understand this. Lol thanks a lot
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PostSubject: Re: how to build a pokemon 100% for beginners   

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how to build a pokemon 100% for beginners
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